Big Brother 2012: Ashleigh admits she doesn't fancy Luke S

Luke S and Ashleigh

Ashleigh has admitted to the girls in the Big Brother house this evening that she doesn't fancy Luke S!

As part of this week's shopping task, Ashleigh, Becky, Caroline, Deana and Sara have been spending the evening having a slumber party in the task room.

And the topic of conversation has been girls all evening.

Chat started over speculation that Sara fancied Conor, but she revealed: "I think Conor's a nice guy, I think he's a lovely guy and I get on with him but I don't fancy him. I don't go for people like that."

She added: "Out of all the boys in the house, I liked Arron the most because he was really nice to me."

However Caroline speculated: "You don't fancy [Conor] because he has a girlfriend, if he didn't have a girlfriend you'd fancy him."

Sara insisted she didn't fancy Conor or any of the remaining boys, adding: "I wish they'd put somebody in here that I fancied."

And in a surprise admission, loved up Ashleigh agreed: "I know, so do I."


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