Big Brother 2012: Caroline plans to sabotage the shopping list!


Nominated Big Brother housemate Caroline has planned to sabotage the shopping list this week, after tipping herself for eviction.

The posh student predicted she'd be up for the chop, telling Big Brother in the Diary Room: “Obviously Luke A will nominate me."

She went on: “Luke S probably finds Scott more unbearable to live with but will nominate Luke A because Scott won’t receive many nominations.”

She also claimed that Luke S was being tactical when he failed to nominate Adam during the face-to-face nominations, “Even though Adam is his least favourite person.”

Caroline admitted that she is lucky to have lasted so long in the house and would be fine if she were to leave on Friday.

Speaking to BB after being nominated, Caroline insisted: “I’m genuinely so pleased we’re all up," and admitted she is “amazed” to have lasted so long in the house: “Considering I can turn into super bitch.”

She grinned while announcing: “I’ve definitely ruined my life,” and revealed that she plans to sabotage forthcoming shopping tasks by spending the budget on “5000 jars of Nutella.”

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