Big Brother 2012: Jealous Ashleigh and Becky bitch about Deana

Ashleigh is gunged

Ashleigh and Becky spent this week bitching about Sara and Deana. Again.

Essex girl Ashleigh joined Scott and Becky in the sun for a bitch about Sara in the garden yesterday.

The all agreed that Sara never cooks and Becky added: “She hangs around the kitchen waiting for someone to cook so that she can have some!”

“She’s like Deana,” added Ashleigh.

And that was seemingly the cue for the talk to turn to Deana, with Becky saying that she didn’t like to watch Deana dance when they were treated to music in the house, “She watches the cameras,” she added.

“She can’t get her body out but she can dance like that!” Ashleigh snapped.

Jealousy is never pretty, girls...

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