Big Brother 2012: Housemates set party animals shopping task


This week’s Big Brother shopping task is one long party, 48 hours long, to be exact!

To pass this week’s shopping task, the Housemates must party hard for the next two days, attending a number of parties and taking part in all the party games provided.

Throughout the day, Big Brother will deliver invitations requiring a certain number of Housemates to attend each party. During each party they must pass a party game. They will pass the shopping task if they attend the parties and win the party games. They will fail by losing the games or failing to attend the parties they are invited to. They are permitted up to three fails over the whole task.

The first party is a children’s party to which all Housemates are invited. To pass this task, five of them will take part in a children’s party themed assault course. During the assault course each Housemate must fill a party bag, collecting the contents as they go. The assault course starts with them eating a bowl of jelly and ice cream, before bouncing on a bouncy castle, then riding a tricycle between coned party hats, having their face painted with a painting roller, clambering through a ball pond, and pinning the now-full party bag on the donkey. All five must complete the assault course within a limited amount of time in order to pass.

The girls are invited to a girly slumber party in the Large Task Room. On a giant plush bed, they have a series of pillow fights, attempting to knock one another off the bed. The boys, meanwhile, watch the pillow fight from the TV in the Living Area. They must accurately guess which girl will be the last one standing.

The table is set with a lavish dinner for all ten Housemates. During dinner, they must also take it in turns to choose conversation starters from a hat and initiate intellectual discussions on the subjects chosen e.g. fame or fortune?, looks or personality? Should the BB prize money be split?

Three Housemates will ‘enjoy’ an all night endurance party in the Small Task Room. With a light up dance floor and glitter ball, this is the rave that never ends. They must dance enthusiastically until the club closes, with at least two people on the dance floor at all times.

Throughout the task, Housemates must respond to a countdown for midnight 10, 9, 8… Whenever the countdown begins, they must gather before the clock strikes midnight at the New Year’s Eve party, permanently set up in a corner of the Living Area. When the trigger sounds, they must all gather, hold hands and sing Auld Lang Sine and see in the new year.

The task will continue tomorrow.

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