Big Brother 2012: Arguments over booze (what else?)

Scott (Big Brother 2012)

The Big Brother house saw yet more arguments last night, after booze was delivered for just some of the housemates!

For winning yesterday's random exploding watermelon task, the boys won a round of drinks for themselves to enjoy.

They were also provided with ample servings of water melon to enjoy in the sun throughout the evening.

But the girls were quick to jump in and take some of the drink.

Booze lover Scott snapped "This is the boys' prize, not the girls'. What is the point of having boys vs girls when you take all the prize."

But Ashleigh spat back: "Be a gentleman!"

Scott stood his ground: "I don’t want to share my prize with you."

And after pinching their booze, Ashleigh and Caroline later targeted Adam's energy drinks.

Ashleigh moaned: "Why should he have them all just because he doesn’t drink."

Caroline quipped: "He thinks he’s the most popular housemate" Caroline added.

After downing the cans the pair stashed the evidence in the cooker, before letting fellow insiders Conor, Becky and Scott in on the secret.

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