Big Brother 2012: Deana and Adam clash in nominations fallout

Deana argue

Big Brother pals Adam and Deana clashed in the house last night, following the fallout from this week's nomination results.

Eight housemates face the public vote, after Big Brother sprung a surprise twist on the group after more rule breaks.

Everyone who had received even one nomination was up for the public vote, with only Scott and Becky avoiding being put up for the chop.

Adam, Deana, Luke A and Sara retreated to the smoking area to discuss the outcome, but Adam feared Deana's questions and comments were risking breaking the rules.

The former Miss India was perhaps trying to uncover who had nominated who by asking other housemates if they "shocked" by who was up.

"Was Luke S a shock to anyone," she quizzed.

"It wasn't a shock to me," Sara replied.

"It wasn't a shock to you?" Deana confirmed, "It was a shock to me."

Adam however wasn't too happy with this potential nominations talk.

He told her: "We can see what you're doing to figure this out, I don't want to get in trouble for nothing. When it comes out on the loud speaker, Sara, Deana, Adam and Luke were having a conversation..."

"Are you trying to f**k me up on purpose," asked Deana, as if Big Brother wasn't watching.

"Are you upset with me now because I stopped you from..." Adam began.

But Deana interrupted: "You haven't stopped me from doing anything wrong as I knew what I was saying… whatever Adam…"

Walking away, Deana muttered: "Playing clever all the time."

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