Big Brother 2012: Nominations day splits the housemates

Conor (Big Brother 2012)

The Big Brother housemates nominated for the latest time earlier today, but the housemates were split over the joys of voting for one another.

Conor was in the diary room talking about nominations and said that Monday is his “favourite day.”

He continued: “Everyone is now best friends,” and mentions that come Monday “People will be staying away from each other.”

Conor claimed that Deana, Sara and “possibly Scott and possibly Becky” nominated him as they are the housemates he has not got a real connection with.

Adam has also had nominations on his mind. “I’m not Conor, it’s not my favourite day,” he grinned as he spoke to BB in the Diary Room.

He told Big Brother “If things go as predicted I would be up now I guess.”

He said people could use the excuse of him leaving the toilet dirty, “or me being friends with Luke (A).”

The housemates will find out later tonight who is up for the chop!

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