Big Brother video: Deana Uppal gets her letter from home

Deana crying 1

Big Brother's Deana received her letter from home this evening, after Ashleigh took part in a not-so-secret task.

Yesterday the housemates took part in a series of selfless challenges, taking on tasks in order to win letters for the group.

However as Ashleigh failed her task, she lost one of the group's letters.

All ten of the letters were delivered to the house, but only nine were chosen out of the postbox, with Deana's being left behind.

This afternoon saw Big Brother call Ashleigh into the Diary Room to give her a chance to redeem herself and win Deana a letter.

The 21-year-old had to dress as a clown, making this one of Big Brother's least conspicuous secret tasks, and entertain the house throughout the after.

Supplied with props which included Pom Poms and even a cream pie, which she shoved into Luke S' face in the garden, Ashleigh successfully entertained the housemates to Big Brother's satisfaction. Somehow.

As a result, Deana was given her missing letter this evening.

Sara read out the message as Deana weeped on the sofa as Caroline comforted her.

Watch the video of Deana getting her letter below...

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