Big Brother latest: Ashleigh upset over losing Deana's letter

Ashleigh alone on sofa

Yesterday, was a very emotional day in the Big Brother house, with the group being given the chance to win letters from home.

Each Housemate was asked to complete a challenge in order to win a letter from home for the house.

Caroline, Deana, Becky, Sara, Adam, Conor, Luke A, Luke S and Scott all completed their challenges to Big Brother’s satisfaction, therefore they were all able to select a letter from home, from the post box.

Ashleigh was challenged not swear until further notice, however just 59 seconds into her task she said:

"I don’t want to f**k up on this"

It meant that Deana lost her letter from home, and Ashleigh was rather upset about it all.

"I wanted to Deana to get her letter loads, I said put me up for eviction in the diary room, as long as she gets her letter," Ashleigh told Sara.

She went on: "I don't want my family to be disappointed... I don't want to talk about my letter at all, not when Deana was here.

"It's my fault, I failed it. Someone didn't get their letter."

Even Conor chipped in: "I feel so sorry for Deana"

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