Big Brother 2012: Deana blasts Ashleigh as outsiders talk nominations


Clearly annoyed about not getting her letter from home, Big Brother's Deana blasted Ashleigh this afternoon.

Former Miss India Deana hit out at Ashleigh as the outsiders contemplated tomorrow's latest nominations.

Joined by Adam and Luke A, the trio sat inside for once, watching the other housemates have fun in the sun.

"It's embarrassing… how is she representing Essex?" Deana asked. "All she does is talk about sex, swears, is crude, hasn't got any class to her... Benedict was completely right."

Talk then turned to tomorrow's votes, with Deana warning the boys: "If we don't sort ourselves out next week could be a disaster for us… generally."

The group were careful to try and avoid breaking the rules, with Luke A keep to just let things take their natural course.

He said: "Everything happens for a reason… and I don't want to cheat and do what they're doing. I don't want to do the whole, pretend to be friends thing to be safe."

But Deana told him: "I don't want to do that, I don't even talk to them… but, they've got it down to a T..."

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