Big Brother 2012: Luke S and Ashleigh fight over fags

Luke S and Ashleigh

All is not well once again between Big Brother's Luke S and Ashleigh, after falling out for the second time in a day.

We told last night how Lushleigh clashed over chilli, of all things, and tensions between the pair continued into the early hours.

Non-smoker Luke S has tried to get Ashleigh to quit her habit before, and this week has been trying hard once again to get her to cut down.

The hunky model has stashed her store of cigarettes, and has been rationing them to her throughout the last few days.

But it seems Ashleigh's constant begging for fags has been getting Luke wound up.

The Essex girl even approached him as he showered naked in the shower in order to try and get her fix, and an angry Luke S quick got frustrated.

He told her where he had hidden the cigarettes, and he snapped: "Just take them all!"

Watch the video below...

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