Big Brother 2012: Luke S and Ashleigh fall out... again

Luke S and Ashleigh

The Big Brother romance between Luke S and Ashleigh looked close to collapsing once again last night.

The duo clashed over dinner, with Ashleigh fretting once more that the pair had nothing in common.

Conor was quick to comfort a sobbing Ashleigh and tried to get to the bottom of the argument.

And it turns out that Luke's huge faux pas was cooking steak for dinner instead of mince.

Needless to say, Luke wasn't too happy with Ashleigh's moaning having spent all afternoon cooking up a batch of chilli for the group.

A rather honest Conor told Ashleigh as they hugged: "You were being ungrateful. You told him to cook mince for you instead. You were acting like a spoilt brat.”

The spat was enough for Ashleigh to worry some more if her and Luke were ever meant to be, telling Sara she didn't feel as though she had anything in common with the hunky model.

He meanwhile was bitching about the incident to Caroline and Conor a little later, branding Ashleigh ungrateful.

The pair did eventually start talking to one another and decided to kiss and make up, but now long the peace will last we're unsure...

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