Big Brother 2012: Luke A and Becky make up... for now


Following their recent clash after Lauren's eviction, Big Brother housemates Luke A and Becky sat down yesterday to try and sort their differences out.

Last night we saw Becky rant about Luke A in the Diary Room after the pair argued over her apparent acting up to the cameras.

She moaned to Big Brother: "For him to feel I’m fake…I felt so belittled and embarrassed! I wanted the ground to swallow me up."

Becky sobbed: "I don’t want to resolve it ‘cos he doesn’t know me. I’m not fake. It’s the worse thing ever."

Luke A confronted Becky in the bathroom over their argument yesterday, and the duo tried to patch things up.

They agreed that they would "civil", with Luke A apologising for being "aggressive" to the 19-year-old.

But he insisted: "I haven't done nothing to you, but you have made me feel horrible this week. And Lauren."

Watch the pair's full chat below...

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