Big Brother 2012: Caroline 'knew she would be hated'

Caroline (Big Brother 2012)

After hearing her name booed during last night's Big Brother eviction, Caroline has insisted she knew she'd be hated on the show.

Last night saw the housemates gather on the sofa as Brian Dowling revealed that Lauren was the seventh housemate to be evicted.

The rest of the housemates heard the outside crowd chant ‘get Caroline out!’

Caroline went to speak to Big Brother about the crowd chants.

She said "I knew I would be hated.

"Various housemates thrived from the cheer. They were chanting get Caroline out! I don’t think I’m that horrible. I’m love or hate."

She added, "Luke A will never like me. I find it difficult to control what I say. I’ve tried really hard to be better."

Meanwhile Luke A and Ashleigh were chatting about Caroline.

He revealed, "I don’t like her, she doesn’t like me it’s a clash. There’s a nasty side to her, she was whispering about my friends."

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