Big Brother 2012: More delivery dilemmas for the housemates!


Today the Big Brother housemates are playing to win letters from home, all they need to do is agree to what Big Brother asks!

Throughout the day housemates will be asked a dilemma. If they successfully do what Big Brother asks of them, they will win one letter from home for the house.

At the end of the day Big Brother will deliver a post box to the house containing all the letters.

Every housemate that successfully completed their challenge can draw one letter from the post box, this letter could belong to anyone…even a housemate that failed their challenge.

Luke has already passed his task after pour all the protein powder that was in the house into a vat of stinking gunge which was in the garden.

Sara meanwhile has swapped her eviction outfit for an outfit of the Queen she found in the diary room and must wear it until further notice today.

Adam must sit in a boat in the swimming pool until further notice today.

Conor must wear the gag supplied and not talk for 4 hours

Scott ust talk like a typical resident of Maccelsfield until further notice today.

Luke A will be banned from smoking and sitting in the smoking area until further notice today

Ashleigh will not be allowed to say the listed offensive words or variations of that word until further notice today – 1 swear word and she will lose the chance to get a letter.

Deana must give up all her make up to Big Brother – hamper delivered to store room for her to collect it in then put it back in store room

Becky must keep cycling on an exercise bike for an hour if she stops she loses the chance to get a letter

And finally, Caroline must eat a fish eye!

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