Big Brother latest: Caroline blames being hated on being posh!


Big Brother UK housemate Caroline had a bit of a shock last night, having heard chants from the live eviction crowd to get her out.

And the student immediately suggested to her fellow housemates it was because she posh.

Caroline also dismissed the idea that Lauren was popular after getting cheers as she was evicted, saying the crowd were only being supportive to spite her!

Caroline spat: "The reason why Lauren was popular [with the crowd] is the obvious reason, is because the public hate posh ****s"

She bitched: "She would've been like 'Caroline's such a bitch!"

"Or Becky," Becky added.

But Caroline was confident it was only her, replying: "You're fine becks, you're not coming across as a manipulative bitch."

Scott tried to reassure the obviously worried 20-year-old, telling her: "You can't read into any of these things, it's just a small portion of a crowd."

Caroline tried to put on a brave face, insisting: "I like it, I think it's cool, I don't mind."

Not sure we believe her!

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