Big Brother 2012 housemates to get letters from home... if they act selflessly

Luke S (Big Brother 2012)

The remaining Big Brother housemates will get the chance to win letters from home today, but only if they act selflessly.

In turn, the housemates will be given a dilemma to win one letter for the group, in return for giving up something special to them.

Big Brother delivered the instructions earlier today, playing a doorbell sound into the house to alert the group to a letter at the front door.

The housemates were quick to wonder what the dilemmas will involve, with Luke S hoping to be offered time in a gym!

Luke A meanwhile suggested that the task could impact nominations, with the dilemmas perhaps involving immunity.

Caroline on the other hand was more concerned about her letter.

"Oh god, what will they say?" she worried.

This afternoon saw Luke S the first to be given his dilemma, asked by Big Brother to dump his protein shake into a pot of gunge in order to win one letter for the group.

The hunky model was a good team player and wasted no time in ditching his protein.

Check back later today to see how the others cope!

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