Big Brother 2012: Luke A, Becky arguments continue


Following Luke A and Becky's big row earlier this morning, the pair have continued to bicker throughout the day.

And Becky has been busy bitching about the chef to anyone who will listen, moaning to pals Scott and Ashleigh this morning: "He's been the nastiest person, he looked at me in the eyes and I literally felt like dying."

All this because Luke A accused Becky of being fake!

She continued to rant, even telling Luke's best pal Adam: "I didn't come in here to be spoken to like that by a 31-year old man."

Adam was quick to pass the comments on to Luke, who simply laughed them off.

Smug Luke, still high on surviving last night's eviction, hit back: "She's right - I am 31. I don’t want to be going around licking a***s, telling people false things about themselves."

He added: "This is the first time I've spoken my mind in my life", he exclaimed, high on the drama from the evening.

But Luke confessed that he knew all this honesty would no doubt end with another week facing eviction.

He quipped: "Better dust off that platypus outfit again"

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