Big Brother 2012 fight! Luke A and Becky clash in eviction aftermath


Luke A and Becky clashed in the Big Brother house this morning, following the aftermath of the latest eviction.

Having survived eviction against Lauren Carre, Luke A promised not to hold back in the house.

And he didn't disappoint, within minutes calling Becky out for being "fake", which immediately started to caused arguments.

He told Becky to her face: "At first I thought we really got on... but the day after the campfire [face to face nominations], you changed. It's just my opinion, I just it was stupid reasons basically."

Becky snapped back: "Alright hunny, don't you dare you say that I'm fake and that I'm an actress, I've said a lot of good things abut you..."

However Luke didn't back down, he explained: "I'll say what I want, I'm a human being and I have opinions.

"I don't care, I don't give a s**t and I'll tell you why, I thought we got on, and it was like a bolt of lightning came down and you were being really weird with me. You were being weird to me and horrible to me for no reason."

He added: "You were being horrible to me for no reason."

Becky hit back: "I'm genuinely upset that I've ranted and raved about you."

Watch the full video below...

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