Big Brother 2012: Good guy Luke A admits he's smug after eviction


After surviving the latest eviction, Big Brother's Luke A has confessed he's feeling rather smug.

With both him and eventual evictee Lauren getting cheered, while there were chants to get Caroline out, Luke felt he had been proven right.

"I don't give a fuck anymore about what people say to me, I've already given my two pennies worth," he told Adam and Deana.

"She's going to be on the rampage now," he added.

Deana said: "I hope that she just lets everything out."

Luke A admitted to the fellow outsiders: "It just feels nice to feel so right.. knowing we're not the bad guys."

And he conceded: "I hate smug guys but I feel so smug, we were right."

It's a sure thing to say that the latest eviction has certainly had a big impact on the house!

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