Big Brother 2012: Day 45 highlights and recap


Day 45 in the Big Brother UK house saw Sara given a lie detector house, while Luke A and Lauren contemplated what could be their last night in the house.

Today will be the last full day in the house for either Luke A or Lauren. Last night Lauren found out how Adam feels about her.

Lauren is talking tactics with Adam. ‘You really have to try and merge with them, you’ve got to. Stay close with Conor, keep Caroline happy and get in there with Ashleigh and Luke S. I don’t want any of these to win so you got to do it.’ Adam listens on.

In the living area, Ashleigh has a fact to share with some her housemates. ‘You’ve got a small wiener if you cross your legs.’ An unimpressed Luke S looks at her whilst sitting with his legs crossed. A curious Becky asks why. Ashleigh replies, ‘Cause usually a boy’s penis hurts when they cross their legs.’

Luke S is on the defensive. ‘That’s a total myth…it’s a moveable part of the body.’

The Essex girl replies, ‘You would never see Conor do it.’ He comments, ‘Its ‘cos she fancies Conor.’

Becky asks Conor to cross his legs. ‘I can’t do it…its trapped in-between…its painful!’ Ashleigh sees Luke S is hurt by her comment and tries to make him smile. ‘Your penis is lovely.’ He snaps, ‘Well its not going anywhere near you so you’ve got nothing to worry about.’


Lauren is in the diary room talking about Adam. ‘Last night he told me he liked me and I thought he was joking, and now it’s awkward and I don’t know how to act around him.’ The blonde continues, ‘I think he’s just missing the female form a bit! I’m one of the lads!’ She concludes, ‘I’m embarrassed. Can we move off this topic now?!’

In the bedroom, Luke A is trying on his eviction outfit, a fetching yellow platypus ‘onesie’. Caroline looks on, ‘Adam, doesn’t he look sweet?!’

Adam jokes, ‘You walked in a man, and leaving as a chick! A platypus!’

Luke A laughs and tells him to f**k off!


Adam is worried about tomorrow’s eviction and tells Lauren, ‘I don’t want tomorrow to come…’ She replies, ‘I can’t wait for it to come! Just sitting around thinking about it.’ The blonde gives Adam some ideas about what he can do in the house after she leaves. ‘You can apply fake tan with Scott, some grunting workouts with the lads, put on fake eyelashes with Ashleigh, dye your hair purple!’ He quips, ‘I can’t wait! You guys have been holding me back!’

Lauren adds, ‘And you can discuss the Queen with Sara! Fun Times! This experience has taught me that I will never get on with girls.’

Adam admits, ‘I will miss your laugh.’ A blushing Lauren replies, ‘Don’t.’

He adds, ‘I will…your laugh, oh wow!’ She smiles, ‘I’ve got the worst laugh ever!’

Luke A is talking to Big Brother. ‘Sometimes you have a day when you’re on top of the world…so confident. And then the next day you feel so down and depressed, paranoid.’ He thinks that Adam and Lauren will be upset if he’s evicted.


Luke S and Conor are working out again in the garden.

Scott and Becky are sharing a bath together.

Adam is leading meditation time in the house. ‘Picture yourself in a field, the grass is tall. Breath in and exhale...’

A bemused Luke S, Ashleigh and Conor look on.


For today’s task, Big Brother gathers housemates on the sofa and asks for the most genuine housemate to come to the diary room; Sara volunteers. In the diary room, the model will undergo a lie detector test by answering a series of questions. What she doesn’t know is that the lie detector machine isn’t even switched on; in fact it will be her housemates watching that will judge her answers.

To pass the task she must answer the majority of questions truthfully *Please see the task resolve that you received, for more details*

At the end of the task Sara comments, ‘‘I told the truth as best I could!’ Big Brother confirms that she successfully passed the task and that the analysis of her answers came from housemates. ‘I got so nervous, that was good!’


Becky is getting physical with Conor and Luke S. ‘Stay there in that corner; I’ve been waiting all night to capture you two, you protein shakes! Yes I’ve caught you in my net and you’re never getting out!’ They laugh.

Sara is trying to explain to Adam why she chose him as the housemate she would least like to be with in the earlier task. He says, ‘You need to give me an example. What do I say that’s not nice?’

She replies, ‘It was about the stuff with Deana…I haven’t got anything against you.’ The model continues, ‘I got asked a question and had to ask it truthfully, I don’t have a problem with you. I am sorry…I wouldn’t want to upset anybody.’
Lauren and Luke A are talking at the smoking area. Lauren asks Luke A if he had heard about Adam revealing his true feelings to her. He nods and she continues, ‘Possibly the most awkward moment of my life…well he didn’t really say it…there was like a mutual agreement, but there wasn’t…most awkward thing I’ve ever been through in life!’

He asks, ‘So you’re not interested in him in that way? Do you fancy him?’

The blonde hesitates. ‘Oh…I think he’s great but not someone I would go for.’
In the living area, Sara wants Conor, Luke S and Ashleigh to believe that she was telling the truth in today’s task. Conor says they believed everything except her claim that the housemate she most wants to kiss is Becky. Conor says that other housemates suggested that Sara would rather kiss him. She smiles. She goes on to say that things would be different if Conor didn’t have a girlfriend. Ashleigh agrees that she had found Conor attractive when she first saw him. Luke S reacts, saying that he was Ashleigh’s second choice.

Luke A, Lauren and Adam are feeling playful. She whispers to Luke A, ‘Let’s drop kick Adam in the head!’

From the bedroom, Ashleigh asks Conor, ‘Are they (Lauren and Adam) flirting?’ He replies, ‘I reckon.’

Adam picks Lauren up and drops her on top of Deana who is lying on the sofa. Luke A observes, ‘Oh wow! Two girls riding together!’

Lauren jokes to Deana, ‘The thing I will miss about you is your boobs!’ The group laugh. She then heads to bed.

Adam quips, ‘Don’t you dare…you better be in my bed when you get there!’

Deana reveals, ‘We’re being defeated soldiers…’ Luke A thinks, ‘F**k ‘em!’ She concludes, ‘One man down.’

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