Big Brother 2012: Bossy Becky annoys Scott over booze

Rebecca (Becky) Hannon (Big Brother 2012)

The fun relationship between Big Brother 2012 housemates Becky and Scott turned rather sour last night.

Despite the duo messing about as usual last night, when booze was given to the group, it all went downhill.

Scott bitched to Lauren: "Becks is really getting on my nerves.

"If i dare touch shes is like 'How much have you had?', but she drinks more than I do! She tries to take control of it."

And he warned: "If she has one more thing about how much I've drunk..."

But it may well be that Becky is just trying to look out for Scott, after she, Lauren and Adam admitted concerns over his drinking habits.

The 20-year-old was even warned by Big Brother after drinking aftershave.

Lauren said: “Scott needs to go to AA.”

Adam warned: “Normal people don’t spray cologne in their mouths.”

And Becky added: “I’m always worrying about him – everyone starts somewhere.”

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