Big Brother news: Sara passes 'lie detector' task

Sara McLean (Big Brother 2012)

Yesterday, Sara was chosen by the Big Brother housemates as The Most Genuine Housemate and was called to the Diary Room where she was asked to take part in Lie Detector Test in the Small Task Room.

What Scottish beauty Sara didn’t know was that the lie detector wasn’t actually turned on and it was the other Housemates who were deciding whether she was telling the truth or not.

To pass the task, Sara had to truthfully answer the majority of the questions. Sara did this and has PASSED. The Housemates were rewarded with Alcohol and drinks last night.

The questions she answered were:


1. Which housemate’s friendship do you value the most? – DEANA - TRUE

2. Which housemate would you most like to kiss? – BECKY - LIE

3. If you were stuck in the Big Brother house with only one housemate, who would you want that housemate to be? – DEANA - TRUE

4. Which housemate would you least like to be stuck in the Big Brother house on your own with? – ADAM - TRUE

5. Would you do a topless photo shoot for £10’000? – NO - LIE

6. Who do you think will be the top three housemates on finale night? – SCOTT, CONOR, BECKY - TRUE

7. Did you tell any lies during the audition process to win your place in the Big Brother house? – NO - TRUE

8. While in the Big Brother house, have you ever stolen food without telling the others? – NO - LIE

9. Do you have a game plan? – NO - TRUE

10 Would you describe Ashleigh’s singing voice as good? – YES - TRUE

1 Do you think you can win Big Brother? – NO - TRUE

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