Big Brother 2012: Adam tells Lauren he fancies her... but she 'can't' fancy him!


Big Brother housemate Adam last night confronted Lauren with his feelings for her, but the 20-year-old clearly didn't know how to react.

Adam was in the diary room talking about Lauren. “She’s 20, we’re in this environment, she’s an amazing girl, her imperfections make her perfect, I’ve said it before,” he added.

Adam gushed: “She’s fun, she’s energetic, she speaks her mind, gorgeous, beautiful smile, there’s a lot of things, you drift towards somebody and I have that human connection with the opposite sex.”

Big Brother asks Adam if he will ever be more than just friends with Lauren. “Who knows, I have no idea, I’m lost in the wind, it’s taking me like a leaf, I’m fluttering about," he smiled.

In the garden, Adam was about to spill the beans to Lauren. “Oh my God, don’t even do what I think you’re gonna do,” she warned.

Adam smiles as Lauren shouted: “Adam! Don’t ruin our friendship.”

Adam told her that he has thought the same thing. He said: “You are confirming everything in my head, even having the conversation with you would be stupid.”

“Are you actually being serious; Adam I’ve never seen you like this before?” she questioned. Adam laughed nervously and Lauren told him he cannot fancy her, “I’m one of the lads. Well, I feel awkward,” she smiled and told him that she feels like a 10 year old.

“It’s fine, I know, trust me, I already know,” he smiled as Lauren sat in silence.

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