Deana Uppal remains TellyMix readers' favourite Big Brother housemate!

Deana Uppal (Big Brother 2012)

With over 3,000 votes the latest results of our Big Brother 2012 popularity poll are in.

This week it's Deana who remains your favourite housemate for the second week running, and it's been a while since the most popular housemate has remained unchanged.

Lauren is second favourite, but the gap between her and Deana has widened this eek.

Jersey girl Lauren has always proved popular in our poll but her 'romance' with Adam has split some fans, while Deana has seen her popularity rocket in recent weeks after numerous clashes with the other housemates.

Adam and Luke A complete the top four again, with the two boys having always had strong support.

Scott, Becky, Conor and Sara remain in the middle of the pack while Caroline and Ashleigh stay stuck at the bottom.

Looking at this week's eviction, it should be a clear win for Lauren in a vote to save ahead of Luke A tonight.

Vote for your current Big Brother favourite below...

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