Big Brother news: Housemates to be put on a 'lie detector'

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Big Brother housemates will today be put to the test, as one of them is put on a lie detector!

Big Brother will call for the Most Genuine housemate to come to the diary room. In order to pass the task they must give genuinely truthful answers to Big Brother’s questions whilst hooked up to a highly technical lie detector machine. What they won’t be told, is that it is in fact, the other housemates who are judging whether or not they are telling the truth…

Big Brother gathers the housemates and calls The Most Genuine Housemate to the diary room.

In the diary room ‘the most genuine’ housemate is told that for today’s task they must live up to their genuine title and truthfully answer questions while hooked up to Big Brother’s lie detector machine. In order to pass the task they must score an average of 55% truth – getting the majority right.

The Most Genuine Housemate is then sent to the Small Task Room to get hooked up to a polygraph machine by a qualified expert...

Big Brother then explains the remaining housemates’ role in the task via a secret Powerpoint on the plasma screen in the living area. They are told that they will be watching X take part in a fake lie detector test and that it is up to them to decide whether or not he/she is telling the truth or not. They will each be given a card with two sides - ‘TRUTH’ & ‘LIE’.

The group will then watch the housemate sit the lie detector test. After each answer the housemates in the living room must hold up their card to indicate if they think the person is lying or telling the truth. The majority result will then be fed back into the small task room as if it is the result from the lie detector machine.

The questions themselves will start with several ‘control’ questions, such as ‘what is your name?’, ‘How old are you?’ etc. This is supposedly to give the machine a measure of them telling the truth. Big Brother will then move on to the list of questions that Big Brother has prepared.

After the test The Most Genuine Housemate will be sent back to living room, where Big Brother reveals all.

1. Which housemate’s friendship do you value the most?
2. Which housemate would you most like to kiss?
3. If you were stuck in the Big Brother house with only one housemate, who would you want that housemate to be?
4. Which housemate would you least like to be stuck in the Big Brother house on your own with?
5. Would you do a topless photo shoot for £10’000? (GIRL) OR Would you do a topless calendar? (BOY BUT NOT LUKE A) OR Which housemate do you think has the worst personal hygiene? (LUKE)
6. Who do you think will be the top three housemates on finale night?
7. Which celebrity do you think that you most resemble?
8. Did you tell any lies during the audition process to win your place in the Big Brother house?
9. While in the Big Brother house, have you ever stolen food without telling the others?
10. Which Luke is the best chef?
11. Do you have a game plan?
12. Who is the most boring housemate?
13. Would you describe Ashleigh’s singing voice as good or bad?
14. Which housemate has the worst hair?
15. Which housemate spends the most time on their appearance?
16. Who is the most attractive male/female housemate?
17. Which housemate takes themselves the most seriously?
18. Who do you think is the least intelligent housemate?
19. Who do you think is the most intelligent housemate?
20. Do you think you can win Big Brother?

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