Big Brother 2012: Caroline's pal insists she's not been bitchy!


Caroline's best friend has defended the posh student's actions in the Big Brother house, insisting she hasn't at all been bitchy!

Celia phoned into Bit On The Side this morning to defend her pal after she was given a warning by Big Brother.

She told host Emma Willis: "I think she's [Caroline] doing really really well, she's so interesting to watch and funny, she just makes everyone laugh."

And Celia insisted: "It is definitely not bitching. Caroline is really realistic, she knows that in every single person there are good and bad characteristics, she's just really open about her thoughts and feelings. She's also pointed out the good aspects of every single other housemate."

Celia also used the chat to take a swipe at Caroline's rivals in the house, Lauren and Luke A.

She claimed: "Far for more scheming is done by Lauren and Luke A, they're constantly aware of how they're behaving is going to affect nominations."

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