Big Brother 2012: Caroline given warning for bullying

Caroline (Big Brother 2012)

Big Brother has issued Caroline with a warning over her 'bullying' of other housemates.

Following complaints by Luke A and Lauren recently, BB called Caroline into the Diary Room for a chat.

Big Brother talked to her about some aspects of her behaviour towards other housemates. Big Brother said: “The pressures and demands of the environment in the Big Brother house can lead to behaviour which can be defined as bullying.

"Bullying can include lots of different things, factions developing, tensions, or the ostracising of individuals. Do you think that any of your behaviour fits the descriptions given above?”

Caroline replied: “Yes, I would never ever intend to victimise or bully anybody, I feel absolutely awful but I genuinely would never make someone feel left out.

"I just get so frustrated with people and irritated and pernickety, I have very independent thoughts about people and I don’t let anyone pressurise me.

"I just feel a certain way towards somebody and then I tend to think aloud and tell people how I’m feeling, I’m not trying to impose my feelings, I would never ever try and make someone feel belittled but sometimes when I have problems with people I find it really really difficult to put them aside and swallow my tongue, but maybe I can influence people.

"I hate thinking of myself as some kind of evil dictator; I don’t even know how I’m coming across, I just do it unintentionally, maybe I’m a horrible person. I’ll try my absolute hardest to stop and encourage people to stop ganging up on people and stop using stupid names, it’s just utterly ridiculous.”

Caroline returned to the Diary Room later, and began to break down in tears as she continued to speak to Big Brother.

She said: "I’ve never been in here voluntarily and I haven’t come in here for attention or sympathy but I just been thinking about one thing you said earlier. You said you were not asking me to make an artificial apology.”

Caroline begun to cry: “I just really really really really really don’t want you to think that I would ever go about trying to make anyone feel upset, I genuinely just keep thinking about it, I really really really really really would never ever try and bully anyone, I just don’t understand sometimes how influential an individual can be, I was not fully aware of what I was doing, I’m really really really really sorry.”

Caroline sobbed: “I’m acting like a toddler, I’m not trying to get sympathy or anything that’s why I don’t want to be upset in front of my housemates cos I don’t deserve it, obviously I’ve just been a completely manipulative bully and I haven’t’ intended to at all.”

She told Big Brother that yesterday, her relationship with Lauren and Luke A had been “a million times better and I do genuinely like them so much, I feel like such a d**k!” she weeped.

“Today they’ve been so so so nice, Lauren an I have loads of fun and Luke and I have had convos’, everything has been so so so much nicer. It makes me feel sick, it makes me feel it makes me hate everything about me that I’ve made anyone feel belittled or less anything they should be just because I’m insecure and I feel absolutely awful."

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