Big Brother news: Becky is put in charge of the shopping!

Rebecca (Becky) Hannon (Big Brother 2012)

After failing the Gold Rush task on Monday, it was a second week in a row of a basic budget for the housemates.

Yesterday saw the group given their weekly shopping list, with an economic budget to split between them all.

Becky was taking control while Conor, Luke S and Caroline all watched on from the garden.

“I hope they f**k it up,” Conor spat, while Caroline bitched that Becky was being “bossy.”

In the living area and Deana is adding up the shopping list as Becky worries that she is having trouble.

Luke S entered and Becky asked him to add up the list together but he returned to the garden.

Conor worried that the shopping will be full of “hotdogs and chicken nuggets, if it’s s**t I’m throwing it over the wall!”

Instead, Becky's order included plenty of biscuits and cheesecake.

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