Big Brother 2012: Sara set speed dating task (but there's a twist!)

Sara McLean (Big Brother 2012)

Big Brother has given Sara a very special task today, but as always with BB, all is not as it seems!

Sara will be told that she will be speed dating all the boys in the House and that the boys will have to try their best to impress her.

When she is bored, she can buzz them out. Sara and the rest of the House are initially told that whoever manages to stay on the date for the longest time, will win a prize.

However, once Sara is out of the way in the Diary Room, the boys are told that in fact the boy that manages to get buzzed out the quickest will win a prize… cue the ‘Speed Haters’.

Sara will be sitting at a finely dressed table with tasty snacks and fizzy wine; she will remain there as the boys come over one at a time to date her.

While Sara is called to the Diary Room and quizzed about her expectations of the dates, the boys are told they must sabotage their own dates. They must be as unpleasant and rude as possible, but are warned that they are not permitted to swear, be abusive or aggressive.

Once Sara has left the Diary Room, the dates will begin.

Once Sara has buzzed one Housemate out, the next boy will join her for his date.

After she has dated all the boys, Big Brother will reveal the true task o Sara.

The boy that was buzzed out the quickest and his best boy mate, will win a ‘lads night in’, in the small task room.

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