Big Brother 2012: Ashleigh tells Luke S they have nothing in common!


Ashleigh and Luke S had a bit of a heart to heart in the Big Brother house, and it was a rather tense conversation.

It seems that Ashleigh has once again been doubting how much of a fit the pair are together.

Just wait until she finds out what Luke S in the weekend's secret task!

She told him in the bedroom this morning: "Sometimes I think have we got anything in common? I'm messy, you're tidy, I click my fingers, you hate that… I'm like... I feel so stupid because I don't even know how to cook [and you do]."

Luke S insisted: "Relations aren't built on that. I couldn't care if you could cook or if you can't cook."

Ashleigh revealed: "You make me feel really insecure.. in everything you do, I feel so bad when I'm messy and you're like…"

Luke interrupted: "Tell me how I make your feel insecure?"

Forgetful Ashleigh replied: "You don't make me feel insecure..."

Luke snapped: "You just said it!"

Oh dear...

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