Big Brother video: Caroline and Lauren make up (sort of)

Lauren Carre (Big Brother 2012)

After falling out this week over the latest round of nominations, Big Brother housemates Caroline and Lauren have tried to make up.

Of course, Caroline has done the same with many of the other housemates before, only to go straight back to slagging them off behind their backs.

Speaking last night, Caroline told Lauren: "I've been absolutely awful, honestly, there's nothing I can say that can redeem some of my behaviour.

"Sometimes we're great friends."

Lauren replied: "That's why I find it really hard, on the outside world I imagine we'd get on very well."

The duo chatted for a good hour in total in the early hours, with Caroline admitting to being "really bad" and a "super bitch".

And the posh student revealed: "We're in a game show and it benefits someone to dislike someone else dislikes."

Watch the pair's heart to heart below...

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