Big Brother 2012: Luke A "gutted" after being nominated


Big Brother housemate Luke A has admitted he's gutted after being nominated.

After deliberately failing Monday's task for immunity, it's hard to feel sorry for Luke!

The 31-year-old received four votes in this week's nominations, which took place face to face yesterday.

“I feel like s**t, I’m gutted,” he confessed to Big Brother in the Diary Room after being put up for eviction. “Either way, it’s me or Lauren going.

"I didn’t realise that people hated me that much, I’ve only ever tried to be nice to people.”

He told Big Brother that he realised that to be liked in the house “you’ve got to be an a***hole.”

Luke A said that he feels he has let his family and wife down. “I’m scared of walking out and getting booed,” he worried then sits back adding, “I know I’m being stupid, I need to man-up.”

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