Big Brother 2012: Scott Mason fails his secret task miserably

Scott (Big Brother 2012)

Scott Mason was given a special secret task by Big Brother earlier today, but failed rather miserably.

Earlier today, Big Brother felt that the House is in need of a spring clean.

All of the Housemates were given an MP3 player; each player was loaded with an uplifting motivating playlist.

Half of the Housemates had pop-tastic tunes to dance to, the other half have rock tracks to go wild to.

However, Big Brother had a sneaky twist planned, as hidden amongst the tracks on Scott’s MP3 was a secret mission.

Scott was told that he is not a cleaner today; he is in actual fact about to take part in a secret mission and must pretend to clean the house throughout. He was told that gold tokens bearing Housemates’ faces have been hidden around the house. He was told that he must find as many of the tokens as possible within twenty minutes, because for every token he finds, he will win a Chinese Takeaway for that particular Housemate.

However poor Scott really struggled to find the tokens, managing to uncover just one by the end of the 20 minute period.

It means that Luke S alone will get to enjoy a Chinese takeaway tonight!

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