Big Brother 2012: Face to face nomination round up!

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The Big Brother UK housemates nominated face to face yesterday, with Luke A and Lauren put up for eviction.

But who nominated who, and what (rather poor) reasons did they give as they voted in front of one another in the garden?

Confident and posed, Conor declares his first nomination is for Deana; “She’s devious, sneaky and we don’t get along”. Drawing a card from the pile, his second nomination is for Lauren. His reason for this nomination is Lauren telling Big Brother that Conor, Ashleigh and Caroline had been talking about nominations.

Caroline is next to stand up in front of fellow housemates and nominates Luke A. She asserts that he thinks she is “ridiculous” and this makes her feel “anxious”. She says; “I don’t want to feel self – conscious about my actions. I genuinely get too anxious about things”. Her second nomination is for Lauren; “I think you’re a nice person”, she smiles, “but sometimes I just think you impulsively speak”.

Luke S nominates Lauren. Taking to the floor in front of fellow housemates he speculates that Lauren may be “going behind everyone’s back” seeing as she told Big Brother about Conor, Caroline and Ashleigh talking about nominations. His second nomination is for Luke A as he feels that he has shown “hate” towards him and “fails to give him eye-contact”.

Sara nominates Luke A; “Sometimes you make me feel that you don’t like me” she says. Seemingly troubled, her second nomination is for Lauren. Her reason for this nomination is because she is dubious of Lauren “going behind people’s backs”. Despite this, Sara reassures a smiling Lauren and says; “I do. I do like you – and I’m sorry”.

Calm and collected, Scott nominates Lauren. Unscathed, he declares “You prove too extreme emotions of temper which can be slightly unnerving at times”. Deana is the next housemate to be nominated by Scott. He turns to her and says; “Some of your behaviour is slightly irritating – little things that are irritating”.

Adam stands and nominates Caroline. Turning towards her, he explains; “Our relationship has been better but you do say stuff that hurts my feelings”. His second nomination is for Ashleigh, deeming her attempt at the task as poor; “I know you were scared, but she put us in a position to quit and we got disqualified”.

Ashleigh nominates Lauren; “She went behind our backs and discussed what me, Conor and Caroline had said about nominations. It was sneaky and snidely”. Her second nomination is for Deana; “This week there was just too much personality change. It emotionally drained me”. Acknowledging Deana, Ashleigh says; “I don’t know whether you’re coming or going”.

Surprised, Deana laughs awkwardly and continues with her nominations. Her first nomination is for Conor “No surprise there” she quips. “I know he doesn’t like me. He thinks I am sly and sneaky but we haven’t had a conversation so he doesn’t know what my personality is like” she exclaims. Seemingly abrupt, Deana nominates Ashleigh; “I feel our conversations are a bit forced”. The group laugh in response to her nomination choices.

Becky nominates Luke A because during the ‘Spaghetti Western’ task he only managed to eat one piece of spaghetti. “And you say Caroline doesn’t try!” she says sarcastically. Luke A interjects defensively; “I don’t like spaghetti”. Becky responds; “In your head we’d already failed”. Her second nomination is for Lauren; “You moan a lot about bacon and cigarettes”, the group chuckle, “but 80% of the time you are great” she proclaims.

Self-assured, Lauren nominates Caroline. “It’s mad we’re the same age, but we act so different. I think she’s immature and insensitive at times”. Her second nomination is for Becky; “I just think you were insensitive the other day when people were trying to sleep in the bedroom”. Becky speaks up and argues “It was during the day!”

Finally, it is Luke A’s turn to nominate and he chooses Caroline; “She has a way of whispering about people and when I walk into a room, she makes me feel really uncomfortable. It’s a bit too much when you are mimicking my friends, then you apologise, and you expect everyone to be okay”. His second nomination is for Becky labelling her as “insensitive”. He continues; “She did this fruit Olympics thing when everyone was trying to sleep. It was really insensitive. It makes me feel a little bit pissed off. We’re just meant to lie back and it f**** me off”.

Lauren accumulated seven nominations and Luke A received four. Both will face the public vote this week.

The nominations and subsequent fallout air tonight on Channel 5 from 10PM.

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