Big Brother latest: Deana and Adam try to patch things up


Following their clash late last night, Adam and Deana have tried to patch things up inside the Big Brother house.

Adam fell out with Deana after she broke the rules regarding nominations, with Big Brother reading back some of Deana's comments to the rest of the house.

One of the conversations saw Adam's name mentioned, with Deana suggesting that the Insiders could target him next.

However Adam didn't take too kindly to the prediction, accusing Deana of "throwing him under the bus".

Confronting Adam in the garden this morning, Deana asked: "Are you mad?"

"Not mad, just confused," he replied, explaining that he felt that Dean's comments had made him a target to the other housemates come next week's nominations.

Deana insisted: "Why would I want to purposely put that idea in people's heads? Why would I want that to happen?"

Self-appointed head of the outsiders Luke A stepped in to try and mediate between the pair in the smoking area, but having already been punished for breaking the nominations rule, it was perhaps for the better they chose to end the chat.

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