Big Brother news: Luke A tries to make friends with Becky, Luke S and Caroline


After being nominated in yesterday's face to face nominations, Big brother house Luke A has been trying to make amends this morning.

Luke received four nominations yesterday, and has sat each of those who nominated him down for a heart to heart chat.

Despite slagging him off constantly, Luke S, Becky and Caroline were all pretty nice to Luke A's face.

"I've always stood up for you," Caroline claimed.

But Luke A wasn't convinced: "Being in here feels like being back at school and feeling outcast."

He added: "I just want to be friends."

Caroline then decided to take the opportunity to do what she does best: Bitch! The posh student took the chance to rip into Lauren, accusing her once again of being two faced: "She extremely nice to people's faces and extremely obnoxious behind their backs."

Back to Luke A, and Caroline concluded that the whole thing had just been a "misunderstanding".

Watch Luke A have a heart to heart with Luke S below...

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