Big Brother 2012: Scott & Becky set secret tasks!

Scott (Big Brother 2012)

Big Brother has set a pair of secret tasks today, after asking the group to clean the house!

All of the Housemates are given an MP3 player; each player is loaded with an uplifting motivating playlist.

Half of the Housemates have pop-tastic tunes to dance to, the other half have rock tracks to go wild to.

However….hidden amongst the tracks on the MP3 player is a secret mission set for Becky by Big Brother. She is told that she must secretly collect eleven gold tokens from the ‘hatch’. Each token has a Housemate’s face on it. She must hide them individually so that the other Housemates cannot find them. She is told that there is a Chinese dinner at stake if she hides all the tokens really effectively. If any of the cleaners find her tokens she will fail her secret mission. She has ten minutes to hide as many tokens as possible.

However, Big Brother has a sneaky twist planned, as hidden amongst the tracks on Scott’s MP3 is another secret mission. Scott is told that he is not a cleaner today; he is in actual fact about to take part in a secret mission and must pretend to clean the house throughout. He is told that gold tokens bearing Housemates’ faces have been hidden around the house. He is told that he must find as many of the tokens as possible within twenty minutes, because for every token he finds, he will win a Chinese Takeaway for that particular Housemate.

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