Big Brother 2012: Caroline brands Luke A "malicious"... for waving at her!


Big Brother's Catty Caroline continued to cause tensions in the house today, branding Luke A "malicious".

And just what had Luke done that had got Caroline so annoyed?

Well, according to Caz herself, he waved at her.

"I'm literally going completely mad, they're ridiculous human beings," Caroline moaned about the outsiders.

"[Luke A] hates you Caroline," quipped Caroline. "You said that yesterday, I'm just stating the obvious."

A weepy Caroline went on: "I'm clearly really upset about the situation, he's been really horrible to me."

She explained just how horrible Luke A has been: "He's waving at me as if I'm his mother at the airport. He's a really malicious horrible person, he's making my life hell at the moment."

"So wave back, don't get distressed," said Scott, who was rather uninterested in Caroline's latest tale of plight.

Undeterred, Caroline continued: "They're really horrible human beings, I really cannot bear them anymore."

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