Big Brother 2012 nominations: Who nominated who - Week 7

Big Brother 2012 Diary Room chair

This week's Big Brother 2012 nominations took place face to face, here's the run down of who nominated for who!

The group nominated in front of one another yesterday, with Luke S, Sara and Scott immune for being nominated after winning the Gold Rush task.

The housemates all sat around a mock camp fire in the garden to reveal their nominations.

Conor nominated Deana and Lauren

Caroline nominated Luke A and Lauren

Luke S nominated Lauren and Luke A

Sara nominated Luke A and Lauren…

Scott nominated Lauren and Deana

Adam nominated Caroline and Ashleigh

Ashleigh nominated Lauren and Deana

Deana nominated Conor and Ashleigh

Becky nominated Luke A and Lauren

Lauren nominated Caroline and Becky

Luke A nominated Caroline and Becky

In total, Lauren attracted 7 nominations and Luke A 4, as a result they both face eviction this week.

Deana and Caroline both received three votes, while Ashleigh and Becky had two.

Conor had once nomination.

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