Big Brother 2012: Sara, Luke S rip into "moody" Luke A

Sara crying

Big Brother housemates Sara and Luke S have spent this morning bitching about Luke A.

The pair, dressed as cowboys as part of this week's task, both agreed they had found Luke "moody" recently.

"Luke A is so moody I can't handle it, I don't know what the f**k I've done to him," Sara exclaimed.

Chatting in the smoking area, Luke S said: "I haven't seen him smile, he's going my head in. I really don't think he likes anyone.

"Lauren and Adam are the only people he likes. H just always seems to have some chip on his shoulder."

And the hunky model revealed: "Him, Adam and borderline lauren, annoy me that much not to talk to them"

Sara defended both Lauren and Adam, and made it clear it was only Luke she was getting frustrated with.

She replied: "I like Lauren and Adam but Luke A just bedazzles me sometimes. One minute he's nice to me, the next he's not."

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