Big Brother 2012 nominations: Housemates to compete for immunity today!


The Big Brother housemates will compete for immunity from nominations today, in a gold panning task.

Yesterday, the housemates were split into groups as part of this week's shopping task: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

They competed in mini-tasks in order to win gold panning time. Both the Ugly and Good teams won 30 seconds each.

This morning the teams will have a third chance to win more time gold panning.

For today’s task “Spaghetti Western”, the good, the bad and the really ugly housemates will be going head to head in a ‘Cowboy Vs Food’ eating challenge, eating their way through huge mounds of spaghetti.

The plates will be inspected by the Sheriff and The Deputy at the end of the task and they will award the winners based on which team they believe has eaten the most amount of spaghetti.

The team crowned the winners will win thirty seconds of panning for gold time in the ‘Rocky River of Gold’ later today.

For the final challenge, the ‘good housemates’, the ‘bad housemates’ and the ‘ugly housemates’ will be frantically panning head to head in “The Rocky River of Gold”. The group which pans the most amount of gold in The Rocky River of Gold will win ‘The Gold Rush’, and receive a very special prize: immunity from today’s nominations.

The gold from each team will be collected. If it passes a certain level then housemates will receive a luxury shopping budget this week.

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