Big Brother 2012 face to face nominations: How they will work!

Sheriff Conor

Today's Big Brother 2012 nominations will take place face to face, and here's exactly how they'll work.

Later today, the three groups of housemates - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - will pan for gold.

The group who pans the most gold will win immunity from eviction.

Sheriff Conor and his deputy Caroline are not immune from eviction.

As the day draws to a close, housemates will find themselves out on the range playing cards... and taking part in face to face Campfire Nominations.

Each of the housemates will be given a pack of cards, which contains a card with the face of which housemate who can be nominated. The housemates who won the immunity challenge will have their cards remove from the decks.

The housemates must choose the two housemates they wish to nominate by selecting their cards from the deck and one by one revealing the housemate they wish to nominate, giving their reasons why.

We'll reveal the results of the nominations later today!

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