Big Brother 2012: Caroline wants to leave after argument with Lauren


Caroline has demanded to leave the Big Brother house after clashing with Lauren this evening.

While we're not sure went on between them, we did catch the aftermath, with Ashleigh trying to comfort Caroline in the toilet.

"I want to leave, they're so horrible. They make me want to leave, they're so horrible to me. They hate me," Caroline said.

Ashleigh used the opportunity to get in a bit of a dig in, saying: "I felt embarrassed for Deana."

But Caroline defended her, but still managed to attack Lauren: "The other two are so much worse than Deana, Deana's not nasty to people."

Ashleigh hit back: "Deana was nasty to me, she's horrible she's ****".

Caroline's problem however was clearly with Lauren, saying: "That girl [Lauren], she despises me, but she's so nice to my face it makes me feel sick.

"I literally want to leave on Friday, I can't stand another week. Genuinely, I've not come across anyone so horrible in my life."

She ranted to some of the other housemates later in the living area: "Why does she have a vendetta against me, I've never ever been that rude against her.

"She's such a ****."

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