Big Brother news: Luke S confides in Conor about Ashleigh


Luke S has confided in pal Conor over comments he made about Ashleigh in the weekend's secret task.

Sunday saw Big Brother trick Luke by convincing him that agents were lining up to hire him for TV and modelling work once outside the house.

During chats with one supposed media agent, played by a show producer, Luke claimed that he'd prefer a bachelor lifestyle when leaving the house.

Speaking to Conor about those comments, Luke admitted: "I slipped up last night in the interview room, he was like 'You and Ashleigh, Do you want to go the whole Katie and Peter route or the Mark Wright, Bachelor route?'

"I was like the Mark Wright Hollywood Nights Bachelor thing, that'd be fun."

A rather unhelpful Conor simply laughed, as Luke continued his tale of woe.

He went on: "I thought about it after and I was like 'Oh.'. I was dead paranoid, I'm going to look like a ****. I'm so paranoid it's going to be taken out of context.

"I do really like her and its probably best that I've met her in here and I've live with her, rather than just meeting her on a night out, because I've got to know her."

Luke added: "I couldn't sleep last night. I'm so paranoid that her friends and family are going to take it out of context."

But Conor insisted: "Nah, the amount of things you've done for her, it won't be perceived like that."

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