Big Brother 2012: Scott angry with Caroline over 'Hoe Down' task


Scott and Caroline clashed in the Big Brothr house this evening, after the latest task.

Earlier, housemates competed in a 'Hoe Down', as part of this week's shopping task.

The three groups each choreographed and performed their own group routine to a piece of country music played by a live Ukulele band in the House.

The Sheriff (Conor) and his deputy (Caroline) decieded who won, picking the Ugly team - Luke A, Lauren and Becky - as the winners.

Scott was rather miffed by the pair's decision, taking a lot of it out on Caroline.

"I've made my opinion quite clear, theirs was s***e and ours was much better," he ranted to Sara. "I couldn't beleieve her, she has the most ridiculous opinion I've ever heard.

"The viewers will think she's absolutely stupid, ours was so funny, it was creative, it was original."

Scott's fellow team member Sara agreed: "I thought we were going to win."

Scott went on: "It was bias, she is annoyed with me today.

"I don't know even [why], I'm just given her space, she's so moody today and irritable with me. Pathetic."

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