Big Brother 2012: Luke A, Lauren are on to Caroline's bitching!

Luke A and Lauren meal

Caroline best watch out, as her fellow Big Brother housemates are on to her bitching ways!

Chatting about the posh student in the garden today, Luke A and Lauren discussed her two faced ways.

"Caroline has been winding me up all week…I know it sounds ridiculous but the influence she has on people in this house is ridiculous," Lauren told Luke. "If I knew her in the outside world things would be a lot different."

Luke A remarked: "People on the outside will see what Caroline is like but Becky though, not a nice person. She feels like she can be more bitchy since Shievonne has gone."

Lauren continued: "I don’t know who I can say I dislike more, Caroline is on top then I don’t know between Becky and Ashleigh. I don’t like how they are like little girls."

Luke added: "Ashleigh is the one who has been more persistently rude."

Lauren then turned the chat back to Caz: "Caroline gets on my tits so bad, who does she think she is?"

As all this was going on, Caroline was busy bitching about Lauren - who she calls spoon - once again.

The blonde moaned to Becky: "She is like a wooden spoon with two heads, two faced."

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