Big Brother 2012: Scott wins the first Gold Rush task for the Good Team


Big Brother housemate Scott has won the first Gold Rush task challenge for the Good Team.

Earlier today, the housemates were given roles for this week's shopping task.

Appointed the Sheriff, Conor first chose Caroline as his deputy before splitting the remainder of the group into The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

The three teams will be competing in a series of challenges today, with the winning team in each challenge winning 30 seconds gold panning time tomorrow.

The team who pans the most gold tomorrow will win immunity from nominations this week.

Three housemates were picked by Conor and Caroline as shooters – Scott, Adam and Luke A and they in turn selected Becky, Luke S and Ashleigh as their targets.

Becky, Luke S and Ashleigh lined up with their backs to the shooters. They were wearing chaps which had very realistic hard bums coming out of the back of them. The bums were the targets. The Cowboys / gals in the stocks had back pad / protectors on under their costume.

The shooters each had just 15 seconds to aim and shoot their bum target. Each team had a different colour paint to shoot with – Pink, White and Blue. After all three Housemates had shot, the Sheriff and Deputy judged who the winner was based on who they think hit the targets the most amount of times.

As Conor and Caroline chose Scott, the Good team - Scott, Sara and Luke S - have won 30 seconds of time gold panning tomorrow.

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