Big Brother 2012 nominations to be face to face this week!

Conor in DR

This week the Big Brother 2012 nominations will be carried out face to face!

Earlier today, Big Brother set the group at a new gold rush task for this week's shopping budget.

The task will also see the houemates compete for immunity

As Conor felt the most at home in the wild west, he has become the Sheriff for the next two days. Conor chose Caroline to be his Deputy and together they chose The Good Housemates, The Bad Housemates and The Really Ugly Housemates.

The Good Housemates
Luke S

The Bad Housemates

The Really Ugly Housemates
Luke A

The three teams will battle it out in a gold panning race, winning panning time by completing various mini-tasks throughout the day.

The team who pans the most gold will win immunity for this week's nominations.

It's not clear where Caroline and Conor stand in all of this, and we've sent Channel 5 a message to confirm if they're also immune.

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