Big Brother 2012: Housemates compete for immunity in 'Gold Rush' task


Set in the gritty American West, this two day task sees the 'The Good Housemates, The Bad Housemates and The Really Ugly Housemates' going head to head in the search for gold while fighting for immunity.

Big Brother asks for the most powerful, strong-minded and influential Housemate to come to the Diary Room. The Sheriff also chooses one Housemate to be their Deputy. Their word is now final.


At the beginning of the task each team starts with one minute to pan for gold. Winning a mini task adds one minute extra to pan in the river on day two. The three teams will play two western inspired mini games on day one and another mini in the morning of day two. All games are judged by The Sheriff.


TASK 1: “Raw Hide”
The Sheriff and Deputy appoints one member of each team to take part. The three chosen Housemates will each choose who they want to shoot.

The three Housemates being shot at are locked inside stocks at one end of the Garden.

Housemates line up with their backs to the shooters. They are wearing chaps which have very realistic hard bums coming out of the back of them. The bums are the targets. The Cowboys / gals in the stocks have back pad / protectors on under their costume.

The shooters each have just 15 seconds to aim and shoot their bum target. Each team has a different colour paint to shoot with – Pink, White and Blue. After all three Housemates have shot, the Sheriff and Deputy will judge who the winner is based on who they think hit the targets the most amount of times.

TASK 2: “The Hoedown”:
The three groups must choreograph and perform their own group routine to a piece of country music played by a live Ukulele band in the House.

They all perform to the Sheriff and the Deputy who will decide the winners by awarding the winners with a first place rosette.

**Task update & details**

Now in the world of the Wild West.

Conor felt most at home in this world and so by going to the Diary Room became the Sheriff for the next two days. Conor chose Caroline to be his Deputy and together they chose The Good Housemates, The Bad Housemates and The Really Ugly Housemates.

The Good Housemates
Luke S

The Bad Housemates

The Really Ugly Housemates
Luke A

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